What happens our loved ones if we die unexpectedly?

We all hope to live long, exciting, fruitful lives and watch our children grow to be happy, successful, young adults. The future however, has no guarantees. That outcome, in terms of our own lives, and that of our children is influenced by lots of events along the way.

Catastrophic Events

One of the most catastrophic impacts on a family can be the unexpected death of a family member. This brings huge emotional stress on the entire family unit as they struggle to come to terms with their loss.

In addition to this emotional impact is the sometimes forgotten financial stress this can bring in the months and years that follow, where the bereaved was a significant contributor to the household finances.

Continuing costs regardless

Consider whether one income alone could cover all the potential costs of the future. Here are just a couple of examples, but you’ll know lots, lots more;

Basic costs of running the household (Shopping / Bills / Clothes etc)

Car replacements, house maintenance, childcare costs

Cost of education (3rd level in particular)

Family holidays, entertainment and maybe a nice wedding gift one day

How can you ensure that your family continues to enjoy and succeed in life, even if the worst was to happen to you?

Life Insurance


Life Insurance pays a single tax-free lump sum to the person who stands to benefit from the policy (usually a spouse) in the event of the insured person dying. This lump sum should be enough to cover the costs of running the household, putting the children through education and seeing the family through until your children are 25 years old.

Life Assurance is frequently purchased with Specified Illness cover, as its common for a serious illness to precede a death. Its also cheaper to insure illness and death together than separately.

Start the Conversation

Planning for the future to ensure you and your family are financially comfortable is what we do.  The first step is a quick conversation to understand your circumstances and what you'd like for your family in a range of different scenarios.

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