Financial planning is about taking charge and managing your finances to help you achieve your life goals.

Plan for every stage in life

Starting your first Job

Getting married

Starting a family


Financial Planning is important to achieve goals in life, it is also important because nobody knows what life will put in front of you. However one thing is certain however, without a financial plan the quality & security of your income and lifestyle are at risk. The following are some examples of financial risks, which can be minimized by financial planning:

Ensuring your family or dependants are financially secure
Taking out Protection against the risk of becoming ill & not being able to work
Saving for a rainy day

Creating a fund to maintain your current life style in retirement

It’s true money doesn’t grow on trees.
You have to have a plan how to grow it.

The best way to set the financial goals is to consider how you would like your life to be like in the present, near future and distant future. This will enable you to come up with an outline of your short term goals (less than two years), medium-term goals (between two and five years) and long term goals (over five years). The list should be as comprehensive as possible. Ideally, the short term goals should lead to the other longer term goals.

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